Who we are

Christian English are a clothing and lifestyle brand offering the perfect synergy between the traditions of Savile Row tailoring, and the contemporary needs of our discerning customers.  Each of our clients receive a personalised and an individual experience culminating in garments which are truly unique.

With a focus on impeccable quality, attention to detail and sartorial elegance, Christian English is steadily establishing itself as the go-to brand for the style savvy modern consumer and for those who seek the luxury of bespoke tailoring at a competitive price.

Our intention is that each hand-crafted item accentuates the uniqueness of our clients character, and enhances their distinctive individuality.


Christian English is a persona, a way of living, someone and something that is in all of us.  It’s the character that fosters healthy relationships with others and a healthy relationship with ourselves;  the man that all the guys want to be and all the women want to be with!  Slightly flawed in areas of his life but committed to a better future, he’s unique, self-confident, and has a true sense of his own individuality.  Let us help you find your Christian English!

Our philosophy


A relationship with your tailor or tailoring company is key to executing your personal style – this is why you’re more than just a customer to us at Christian English.  From the initial consultation, to each finished garment, you will be treated and valued as a client and friend of the Christian English community, helping you bring to reality the garment that you visualise in your mind.

We are fully committed to your satisfaction because it’s the difference between a customer transaction and a client relationship.  You’ll always be a client, never simply a customer.


We’re committed to the process of creating uniquely individual garments for each of our clients and our slogan was birthed from that concept – “Made for you, not for someone like you”. This completely encapsulates our thoughts with regards to the creation of your unique garments.

Not for someone like your size or like your shape but individually tailored for you.


We can personalise your clothing so that it’s unmistakably yours.  Monogram your initials on the cuff or the chest; embroider a message inside the shoulder for a wedding day, christening or special birthday for example.  These personalisation options will contribute to your sense of uniqueness and set you apart from the person next to you.

Ask us about the Christian English ‘What’s Your Word’ game!


Christian English offer you a choice of over 500 fabrics with which to design your shirt, suit, blazer or chinos.    Choose from exquisite Poplins, beautiful twills, and Egyptian cottons for your shirts, and highest quality wools for your suit requirements.

The choice is extensive – you can even combine your fabrics to make innovative and personal designs.


Each shirt has the 3 major components – The Collar, The Cuffs and The Placket- in addition to many minor components such as buttons, linings, pleats and pipings.  Every suit also has multiple components such as the lapel, the breast and the cut; the placing of the pockets and the finish of the trouser cuff.

Our Style Consultants will assist you with the design process and help you to produce a shirt or suit perfect for business, casual, evening or style-wear.


Individuality means taking the opportunity to be stand out from the crowd.  We encourage our customers to express themselves through combinations of fabrics and unconventional designs.

With creativity and imagination, our superior clothing will accentuate and distinguish the uniqueness of your character.

Our promise

There are few things as desirable to a woman as a man wearing a well made suit and few things less attractive than a poorly fitted one.  Similarly men love to see women dressed in clothes made to fit their individual shapes.  It’s often a revelation to our clients when they purchase our tailor made products for the first time because at Christian English we follow a clear process of measurement, design consultation, and production to ensure that the products you receive are right for you.  We promise to cut every item from the original roll of fabric – nothing is ever adjusted from a pre-made garment. You think of the suit, blazer or shirt that you want to wear, and we will make it, from scratch, specifically for you.