March 16, 2019


7 Important Roles for your Best Man

The best man is the biggest source of support for the groom on his wedding day. Sometimes known as the “wing man”, the best man is often the groom’s brother or best friend and his role is to ensure that everything runs with precision. At Christian English, we’re confident that your best man will have it all under control but we put together these 7 tips for you just in case…


Organise The Stag Do!

In many people’s opinion, the most important function of a best man isn’t actually carried out on the wedding day but in the weeks leading up to the day itself. The stag do is the groom’s farewell to single life and the best man is fully responsible for ensuring that you and your groomsmen have an excellent, unforgettable time. The memories (some people say “secrets”) should last for many years to come!

***Get your best man to organise the most amazing Stag Do ever!  


Keep the Groom Calm!

The best man must ensure the groom is cool, calm and collected before his big day and on the day itself. This means taking responsibility for the bride’s ring, holding the officiant’s fee until after the wedding ceremony, and acting as the groom’s witness when signing the marriage license. He coordinates the groomsmen’s formal wear fittings including advising him on their attire, and confirms the honeymoon travel plans the day before departure.

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Keep the Drinks Topped Up!

The guests are some of the most important people in the wedding couple’s lives, so it’s up to the best man to ensure that everyone is happy. With the help of his ushers, the best man ensures that umbrellas are on hand in case of rain, or that guests who aren’t engaged in conversation have someone to speak to. He also gets the privilege of dancing with the maid of honour at the reception and must make sure that glasses are full for the entirety of the evening.

***Get your best man comfortable with the idea of keeping the guests happy.


Keep the Ceremony on Schedule

The best man ensures everyone knows where they need to be and when. With a detailed running order, and working in conjunction with the wedding planner or master of ceremonies, he can keep an eye on the time and ensure the entire day runs smoothly and without hiccups. He organises the groomsmen for formal pictures in between the ceremony and reception, and makes sure the getaway car is ready (with your luggage inside if you’re heading directly for your honeymoon).

***Get your best man familiar with the Wedding Planner and Master of Ceremonies.


Prepare the Best Man’s Speech

One of the most trusted responsibilities of the best man is preparing the best man speech and organising the toasts at the wedding reception. Typically kept as a secret until the wedding day, the best man will usually run the speech past a few of your close friends before delivering it on the big day. Including a few ‘historic’ jokes about the groom is acceptable but these must be suitable for all the ‘ears’ in attendance!

***Get your best man nervous about giving a substandard best mans speech!


Keep payments in check

At the end of the day, the best man collects the outstanding payment envelopes from the bride and groom and hands these over to each supplier. After the celebration, he sees that all rented formal wear is returned. He also works with the maid of honour to ensure that all gifts are stored for safekeeping.

***Get your best man a list of who needs paying and by when.


Keep the Groomsmen ‘pack’ together

The Bestman is the leader of the groomsmen and it’s his role to keep them excited, engaged and energetic. Your guests will feed from the energy of the wedding party so it’s important for the groomsmen to be amiable, confident and friendly. They also need be gentlemen – treating their bridesmaids like ladies for the whole day.

***Get your best man to be clear with the groomsmen about their responsibilities for your wedding day.


If you have been asked to be the best man at a wedding, just say yes.  It’s a real honour to be asked and allows you to walk side by side with your friend,  brother or family member through the most important day of his life.


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